La Cava del Tequila opens in Mexico Pavilion at EPCOT


I’m beginning to sense a trend at Walt Disney World and that trend is Tequila. Paradiso 37 at Downtown Disney opened earlier this year and now the much anticipated La Cava del Tequila bar at the Mexico Pavilion in EPCOT has opened. I’m betting there will be a trifecta in the future.

Tucked away in the Mexico pavilion at Epcot, La Cava del Tequila beckons guests with more than 70 types of authentic tequila, ranging from the simplest to the rarest of them all, aged to perfection and made from the finest distilled spirits from the agave plant. This new experience offers Epcot guests a chance to explore the heritage and tradition of tequila-making in Mexico.


Amid warm décor, art work and original artifacts all celebrating the Mexican heritage, a “Tequila Ambassador” is on hand to educate Walt Disney World guests on the history of tequila-making.


Also on the drink menu: Exotic and uniquely blended margaritas, introducing a variety of flavored salts, spices and tropical fresh fruits masterfully prepared by experienced mixologists. A variety of quick tastes, tapas style, will be available, including freshly made guacamole and ceviche as well as mahi mahi tostadas with diced mango and avocado and blue crab tostados with chipotle mayo and Valentina sauce.

The 30-seat La Cava del Tequila is open from noon until Epcot park closing time. It is connected to the famous San Angel Inn as part of the Mexico pavilion.

12 thoughts on “La Cava del Tequila opens in Mexico Pavilion at EPCOT”

  1. heh.

    There has always been plenty of opportunity for this. Even Walt Disney put a bar right at the Hotel Disneyland Monorail Station in the early 60s. Guests and cast members alike would zoom over there for a drink and then head back into the park. The infamous Holidayland ‘corporate events’ tent had a direct entrance into Disneyland (where Pirates show building abuts the Frontierland Train station today) where revelers could down a few beers and then re-enter Disneyland. I’m not saying this doesn’t create problems when over-consumption is involved, but it’s nothing new.

  2. All of the Disney World Resort sells alcohol Not only the Mexico Pavilion. Germany sells beer,France sells champagne, Italy sells wine and on Restaurants they have alcohol. Also during the spring they have the wine and taste festival. It is how you look at things and how much you consume it is the responsibility of the individual. My family has been going to Disney World for 5 years in a row and never consume alcohol however we do see some families drinking beer that they sell throughout the parks. Anywhere you go you will see alcohol being sold. The Mexico Pavilion is NOT the only place in Disney that sells alcohol. Relax enjoy and have fun at Disney

  3. People need to lighten up about the alcohol thing. People who drink at the parks tend to be responsible. If not only because the price of a drink is always over 7 dollars. This price point does not lend itself to college kids looking to get drunk and barf on your kids. In addition, the drinks served at the countries are a great way to experience the culture of that country while the exceptional wines offered in the higher-end restaurants are an excellent partner to their cuisine. There are over 600 somoliers in Disney whose sole job it is is to please the guest. I don’t think Disney make such an investment in staff of this quality if it were to “harm children or families.” Need I remind you that Food and Wine festival at EPCOT is their biggest draw of the year. So, to you people who say the drinking and family parks don’t mix…I say take responsibility for your kids and don’t rely on Disney to do so and therefore ruin it for everyone else who can partake in the enjoyment of alcohol with responsibility.

    1. Well said! Thank you! We enjoy wine tasting and my fiance always enjoys a few beers in Norway and Germany, and after a day in a park with all the screaming kids pitching fits who DOESN’T need a drink?!

  4. Yep, as others have said, alcoholic drinks are nothing new to Epcot. If this were going to the MK, this may be cause of some concern, but as it is, I see this merely as an exciting addition to my favorite World Showcase pavilion.

  5. I for one will “lighten up” when I actually see the responsibility I hear so much about. Unfortunately I stay away from Epcot during the drink fests. If you need a drink because your family is too much responsibility, go without them.

    1. If you avoid it, how are you an expert? :P

      The Food and Wine festival can hardly be considered a “Drink Fest”. The people that are attracted to such things (or rather, the ones that go out with the goal of trying everything) are the type that love going to vineyards, winemaker dinners, etc. That’s not the same crowd as those that down a bottle of vodka in an hour. (Drinking to taste vs drinking to get plastered). Besides, the amount of time it takes to get through a line and walk from one place that serves liquor to another during the events takes about 30+ minutes and you only get half of serving (2-3 ounces) of wine. And, each stand will only serve you up to two drinks at a time… you’re not going to get smashed off of that. You’re WAY more prone to heat exhaustion or dehydration: which can and does happen to absolutely anyone.

      Maybe the finger you’re pointing hatefully at people you believe to be drunken sinners are really just… dehydrated, sunburnt, high off of Disney, and exhausted?

      (Though, I will give it to you that I have heard that the Value resorts can get gross- cheap people getting drunk cheaply, in mass. But again, that’s a completely different crowd. )

      Remember: if they were really drunk, they’d be passed out. There’s no way you can stand the heat and drink heavily! And since the streets of Epcot aren’t covered in passed out, puking masses, it’s safe to say that those that do get drunk go back to their hotel (moreover, using public transportation): like responsible adults.

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