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Golf Channel’s Big Break Reality TV comes to Disney World

Golf Channel’s popular Big Break series returns for a 12th season to a magical setting that will make one contestant’s dream of playing on the PGA TOUR come true. With it’s headquarters in Orlando, it only makes sense for Golf Channel to bring its popular reality tv production to the Mouse’s house.

Premiering Oct. 13 at 10 p.m. ET, Big Break Disney Golf will showcase a field of 12 males, each talented but at a different stage in their careers,to battle for the opportunity to play professional golf at the highest level. Competitors range from an Olympic gold medalist to several with famed bloodlines to those merely chasing a dream.

Shot mainly at both the Magnolia and Palm Courses at Walt Disney World Resort, the winner of the 10-week series will receive an exemption to compete in the 2010 Children’s Miracle Network Classic. The series marks the first time that a Big Break winner will compete in a PGA TOUR event on the same course in which the series was filmed.

In addition, the winner will earn cash and prizes with a potential value of more than $50,000 that includes entry fees paid to compete in the 2010 PGA TOUR Qualifying Tournament from SkyCaddie, a $10,000 shopping spree at Dick’s Sporting Goods, free golf for a year courtesy of, and an endorsement contract from Adams Golf including $10,000 cash.

To earn the exemption and prizes, the champion will have to defeat highly skilled golfers in a variety of challenges that test their physical skills and mental toughness.

Utilizing the unique venue, Big Break Disney Golf’s challenges also will take place at various locations throughout the Walt Disney World Resort, including Main Street U.S.A., Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex and the Walt Disney World Speedway. Intertwined into several episodes will be cameos by PGA TOUR players and memorable moments from the Children’s Miracle Network Classic.

I watched an earlier season of Big Break and found that while it was not the best reality TV out there (such as Survivor) it was certainly good tv and really relied on the talent of the participants in their sport. It even held up well for someone who is just a casual golf fan. Looks like Disney fans have another program to add to my DVR list

The contestants are:

Andrew Giuliani (New York, N.Y.) – Son of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Donna Hanover, Andrew is looking to make a name for himself in the game of golf.

Ed Moses (Hollywood, Calif.) – A gold and silver medal winner as a member of the United States swim team at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, Moses’ goal is now the PGA TOUR. A member at Bay Hill Club and Lodge in Orlando, Fla., he once shot 64 on the course that hosts the TOUR’s Arnold Palmer Invitational.

Andreas Huber (Scottsdale, Ariz.) – Actress Susan Lucci’s son, the former Wall Street broker left the color of money to seek his fortune on the green.

Gipper Finau (Lehl, Utah) – Joins Tony as the first brother duo to play in the same Big Break series. Blessed with the long ball, Gipper, who turned professional at 16, once drove a 520-yard par 5.

Tony Finau (Lehl, Utah) – Hits the tee ball longer than his brother – or at least that is what he says in the spirit of sibling rivalry. Finau turned professional when he was 17 and made a cut on the PGA TOUR the same year.

Mike Perez (Scottsdale, Ariz.) – After playing the Nationwide Tour, Perez is looking for the chance to join brother Pat on the PGA TOUR.

Vincent Johnson (Portland, Ore.) – Received the Charlie Sifford exemption to play in the 2009 Northern Trust Open where he flirted with making the cut in his first PGA TOUR start.

J.R. Reyes (Omaha, Neb.) – With tattoos covering each arm, Reyes is not your typical golfer. While not looking the part, he has the talent to fit in on the PGA TOUR.

Kevin Erdman (Arcadia, Calif.) – Husband of Big Break Kaanapali alum Courtney Erdman, is it his time to shine on the Big Break stage?

Kevan Maxwell (Charleston, S.C.) – Aspiring golf professional by day, pizza delivery man by night, “K-Max” will do whatever it takes to play on the PGA TOUR.

Blake Moore (Monrovia, Calif.) – Friend of former Big Break competitor and PGA TOUR rookie James Nitties, Moore is a threat to win Big Break Disney Golf if he can control his inner demons.

Sean Kalin (Delray Beach, Fla.) – A junior standout who gave up golf for 20 years after being kidnapped, he is looking for a second chance in the game.

Golf Channel’s Vince Cellini and Stephanie Sparks will reprise their roles as co-hosts to add insight to the series.

Past Big Break champions won tournament exemptions to compete on some of the world’s top professional circuits, such as the PGA TOUR, Champions Tour, European Tour, LPGA Tour, Nationwide Tour and Canadian Tour. Former Big Breakers Tommy Gainey and Nitties compete on the PGA TOUR in 2009 while four previous female contestants currently play on the LPGA Tour, including Kristy McPherson, a member of the 2009 U.S. Solheim Cup Team.

11 thoughts on “Golf Channel’s Big Break Reality TV comes to Disney World”

  1. Actually played a few rounds of golf with JR in Japan when he won the Atsugi Amateur event (2003). Can only wish him the best.

  2. I agree! I also know him and he truly is deserving of anything good that comes his way! GO JR! Also he is doing a radio show on the husker channel 1110am today but wont be aired until Sat. so listen in if you can!

  3. who on the PGA, Nationewide, European or any other tour have you seen covered with tatoos? This is not the NBA or the NFL. So, JR go buy some wrecking balm or play another sport. I was pulling for you to be eliminated–n ot good for our youth.

  4. I was just curious if anyone else is getting tired of Blake and Mike thinking they are better than everyone else. I definitely think Andrew is annoying, but it seems like Mike and Blake make it worse. He doesn’t root for anyone to be eliminated, but Mike and Blake seem to be cheering against him.

    1. Mike is such a whiny jerk. It’s not like Andrew or Kevin are yelling during their back swing. Mike: Man up and rise to the occasion. I picture you on the golf course slamming your clubs into the grass and cart bag. You are one of “those” golfers! The guy who makes a round of golf awkward and not enjoyable even when someone hits a nice shot.

  5. I cannot believe everyone being against Andrew!!
    Blake will never make it to the pro’s with his temper ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL the time and his sour puss.
    All of the contestents, but Kevin, should be ashamed how they are ganging up on Andrew. I sure hope Andrew or Kevin win. I almost don’t want to watch this show. I would be embarrassed being on national tv, and acting like them. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  6. All these guys are losers for the way they’ve treated Andrew and Kevin. Instead of letting their play do the talking, they would rather act like insecure babies. I thought it was a competition???

  7. And the award for the two biggest babies on Big Break Disney goes to……Mike Perez and Blake Moore. I would like to thank the both of you on consistently displaying how NOT to behave on a golf course. Your actions are truly inspiring. The next time I get frustrated, no matter playing golf or not, I will reflect on your actions. Oh, I must admit, that I would have really appreciated the reaction of Mike Perez, had he lost. Maybe he would have thrown his whole golf bag in a hissy tantrum fit. Big Break Disney champion he is NOT in my book. Instead, he is merely a cancer to the sport of golf.

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