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NFFC to become Disneyana Fan Club

The largest unofficial Disney fan club in the US has voted to change its name from “NFFC The Club for Disneyana Enthusiasts” to the “Disneyana Fan Club”. While there was some passionate debate about the name change among the groups membership, the final vote was 166 for and only 54 against the name change.

All in all I think this is a positive move for NFFC. It was threatened by the the presence of Disney 23 and hobbled by a confusing name. With the new name, a clearer brand, and as the cheaper alternative, the Disneyana Fan Club is poised to pick up new members with the right leadership.

Gary Schaengold, President of NFFC The Club for Disneyana Enthusiasts, announced the results from the recent NFFC Name Change vote as contained in the Teller’s Vote Tabulation Report to the NFFC Board of Directors.

A total of 268 votes were cast during the balloting period, which was open to members of record from June 22, 2009 through the end of July 22, 2009. During that balloting period, NFFC members were asked to either ACCEPT or REJECT a proposed name change for the organization from NFFC The Club for Disneyana Enthusiasts to Disneyana Fan Club. Each family membership was entitled to one vote per membership.

Of the total number of votes cast, 48 were disqualified primarily for failure to properly complete a ballot. The Teller’s report concluded that the total number of improperly cast ballots was insufficient to affect the final outcome of the election.

“The name National Fantasy Fan Club, which we later shortened to NFFC and still later amended to include the tagline The Club for Disneyana Enthusiasts, has always presented our group with a series of challenges,” said Schaengold. “It just didn’t do a very good job of telling people who we are and what we’re all about.”

Twenty-five years ago, the group’s founders chose the club’s original name, National Fantasy Fan Club, at a time when it was widely believed that the Walt Disney Company would strenuously object to the use of any name that even marginally suggested affiliation with the company. Since that time, assisted by the rise in popularity of the Internet, use of Disney-themed names by unofficial Disney fan groups has become common practice.

“Earlier this year, our previous Board, under the direction of my predecessor Kendra Trehan, determined that changing our name had become critical to the continued long-term success of our club,” said Schaengold. “The Board voted to begin the process of officially changing our name to Disneyana Fan Club, which more accurately describes who we are and lessens the need to explain what our club is about to people who aren’t familiar with us.”

Now that the vote is over a Certificate of Amendment will be submitted to the California Secretary of State who regulates non-profits like the NFFC. So approval of the name change could come in as soon as a month or two.

About NFFC

NFFC The Club for Disneyana Enthusiasts is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and sharing the rich legacy of Walt Disney. Our common goal is to provide Disneyana enthusiasts of all ages from around the world with news, information, and events that enhance their experience with, and love of, all things Disney.

This goal is achieved through the publication of a member newsletter, the Fantasy Line Express, and by hosting national and international members, along with local NFFC chapters, where members can trade information, learn more about their favorite collectibles, hold group outings and activities, and just have fun!

NFFC is equally dedicated to sharing Walt Disney’s artistic legacy as well as Disney magic with those in need. Through a series of charitable fund raising events, NFFC helps to support inner-city arts programs and to assist families and children affected by major illness to find a little happiness at Disney parks.

By far, the biggest and most popular means of expanding the magic are the NFFC All Disneyana Conferences and Expos—held at the Disneyland and Walt Disney World resorts—where members are informed and entertained by Imagineers, animators, entertainers, authors, and artists from every facet of the Walt Disney Company, along with many independent Disney experts. Additionally, NFFC All Disneyana Show and Sales, which are open to the public, provide an unparalleled experience and opportunity for Disneyana and autograph collectors.

The next All Disneyana Show and Sale will be at Walt Disney World from December 10-13. Registration is now open.

4 thoughts on “NFFC to become Disneyana Fan Club”

    1. I was surprised too. However, my source at NFFC told me that they did meet with Disney and were told that Disney doesn’t and that Disney wouldn’t oppose their use of the word in their name. A search at the USPTO shows it not to be trademarked.

      Even if Disney attempted a trademark, I think that a case could be made for fair use of ‘Disneyana’ as a descriptive term (describing the universe of things Disney) which is not trademarkable.

      Alternatively, if it was trademarked at one time, it has since become generic in use (see aspirin).

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