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Disneyland’s Third Themepark Dreams Paved Over

Time to put the hopes of a third gate for the Disneyland Resort up on the shelf for at least the next 10 years. The Harbor Blvd Strawberry Field that had been targeted as the most likely spot for Disneyland’s next theme park is now being transformed into a parking lot. This will help Disney with the guests who they hope will be coming to visit the reworked California Adventure park, but will disappoint a lot of theme parks fans who’ve been enjoying juicy rumors about what that third gate would entail.

It’s good that Disneyland is concentrating on fixing the problems at California Adventure and the Disneyland Resort by Eisner’s administration. However, at some point the resort will have to grow beyond its theoretical capacity if it wants to attract more week long visits by families. When it does so, there will be more problems to solve than where to put the third gate (there are other potential sites in the area).

Anaheim’s proposed fixed rail system throws an interesting wrinkle into the equation. The city wants to reserve the right to use part of the strawberry field for the system, which would impact Disney’s plans.

More details over at the OC Register.