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Castmember Dies After Injury

A performer in the Magic Kingdom’s Captan Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Tutorial has passed away after an injury occurred during a performance.

The Orlando Sentinel has reported that Mark Priest, 47, slipped on a wet spot during a performance and was taken to the hospital on Thursday, August 6th. His vertebrae was broken and he required 55 stitches. Priest passed away on Monday.

The fall took place during Priest’s first performance Thursday morning, Priest told (friend) Breslauer. The actor playing Captain Jack Sparrow was supposed to kick Priest’s comic-sidekick character in the buttocks at the end of a sword fight.

When Priest stepped afterward, he slid on a wet patch and careened headlong into a wall, Breslauer said. He was bleeding and could barely see, but he went backstage quickly so children would not be upset.
Orlando Sentinal

Disney officials have contacted the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Our thoughts go out to Priest’s family, friends and co-workers.

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  1. My sincere condolences to Mark’s family. My son has participated in the tutorial, and it is one of our favorite memories. We are so sorry for the loss of this talented and kind man. Michael’s nickname, Johnny Plaidpants, has stuck for years.

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