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Are Pet Stores seeing a 101 Dalmatian Effect after G-Force?

Every time a dog movie comes out pet stores inevitably report that adoptions of that particular breed go up. Then a few months later they experience heavier than usual returns when families realize what a chore that breed is. In the biz it’s called 101 Dalmatians Effect. When I heard Disney was making a movie with Guinea Pigs as the star, I wondered if pet stores would experience a similar on the pint sized pets.

At least one paper, the SF Weekly, is now reporting that Disney’s G-Force is having just such an effect. Guinea Pigs are flying out the door, the only question is will the relative easy of care for those furry creatures result in fewer returns in a few weeks. Who knows? Please use careful consideration before adopting any pet after seeing a movie with that animal as the star. Don’t let your child’s momentary desires result in an abandoned pet a few weeks later.

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