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Demi Lovato pushes the boundary of the teen Disney Starlet Role

I’ll admit that as the father of a young boy, the modern Disney starlet doesn’t show up on my radar much. Sure we’ve watched an episode of Hannah Montana or two but we’re just not the target of much of the product coming out of The Disney Channel right now.

So when I saw down to watch Princess Protection Program I didn’t have very high expectations. As I said in my review, I was pleasantly surprised. A large part of that came on behalf of the talent of one Demi Lovato.

Lovato has been tapped as the next big thing for Disney and so far she’s living up to the billing. This week she was profiled by the New York Times, always a sign that your star is on the rise. Any of her fans out there reading this care to share what you see in her?

3 thoughts on “Demi Lovato pushes the boundary of the teen Disney Starlet Role”

  1. She’s quite the talented singer-songwriter. I’m 25 and I actually enjoy her music. She’s the only Disney star whose music I like. Even Billboard gave her new album a great review. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll manage to crossover to the mainstream when she outgrows Disney.

  2. I’m 24, but I think that Demi Lovato is great. She’s such a talented vocalist and songwriter, and she seems like a sweet, fun girl. She seems real- I mean, she doesn’t lipsynch or anything, and she’s not shy sharing about her love of screamo metal…she just seems real! I’m so excited for her album to come out on Tuesday!

  3. Demi Lovato is by far the most talented “disney princess” at the moment. But the more I learn about Demi, the more she appears stuck in limbo. Sometimes she comes off like two completely different girls. And while versatility is good, she’s already at a point in her career where she needs to decide what pathway to take. One: she can stick with Disney and hope they’ll build her up like they did Cyrus (and by “stick with Disney” I mean fully embrace their squeaky clean image) Two: she can go out on her own and try to fit into the punk/teen scene she seems to be modeling after. At the moment, she’s juggling both images, but that won’t work forever. Eventually, if she wants to go anywhere with her career, she’ll have to choose. I hope when the time comes, she’ll make the right decision. But even now, not to insult the Veronicas, I’m sure Disney Channel isn’t too thrilled to hear one of their girls is buddy-buddy with them. Hopefully Lovato won’t be pressured into career changing decisions too soon. I happen to like both sides of her, but it won’t do her career good if she holds out too long.

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