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New Details Emerge from Disney Monorail Crash

I’m not sure we’re getting any closer to a definitive cause of the recent Monorail Accident that resulted in the death of one cast member. We’re not even sure there is only one cause. But a report in the Orlando Sentinel does reveal a new detail and confirms some of what has general been accepted as the actual timeline of events.

What was confirmed was that the person in the monorail maintenance shop that was responsible for switching the track from the EPCOT loop to the spur line failed to make the switch, but then reported that he had.

The new part of the timeline is that the manager who was reported to be off property at the time of the accident was approved to be there and was only coordinating the monorail radio temporarily while another cast member was on the way to the station to relieve a sick employee.

So the investigation continues…

One more note: earlier today the Orlando Sentinel reported that the family of the cast member who was killed has asked a judge to force Disney to preserve evidence in the case as it might be needed in a future lawsuit.

1 thought on “New Details Emerge from Disney Monorail Crash”

  1. Sounds like a series of errors, as everyone initially thought. Since Disney was clearly negligent, at least from what we know, I doubt this will go to court. They’ll likely settle; fighting a case like this would only make Disney look bad. The question is, how much. Obviously no amount of money can every replace a person. My heart goes out to that young man’s family. Such a tragedy.

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