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The real life ‘UP’ house becomes ad for movie

I’m sure you’ve all heard a story about a home owner who just won’t sell to make way for progress (usually in the form of a parking garage, department store, or condominiums). There is just such a house in Seattle, whose owner Edith Macefield has now passed on, and someone got the bright idea to get some publicity for the upcoming Pixar flick ‘UP’ by tying a bunch of balloons on it as you’ve seen on the movie posters.

How it turns out was not quite as magical as they hoped.

(thanks to W Sairah for the link who said “The story of this house is also very much like that of the Disney short, The Little House”)

2 thoughts on “The real life ‘UP’ house becomes ad for movie”

  1. Ahh man that sucks I was gonna take my daughter there on saturday and show her the place with the balloons. Was really looking forward to it!

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