Wayne Allwine, tributes pour in

After learning about the very sad news of Wayne Allwine’s passing via twitter (via@aprilwinchell who does some voice work for Disney as Clarabelle Cow), I wrote my tribute last night. Of course, there is so much more to Wayne than I could sum up in a few grief inspired words. For instance, I totally forgot about his mission to keep the unique talents of the Ukulele and spirit of Cliff Edwards (voice of Jiminy Cricket) alive.

Perhaps the best tribute is how Mickey Mouse has recently been re-invigorated for the Walt Disney Company by “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” on The Disney Channel. I know that Wayne and Russi worked with the show’s producers to make sure that Mickey and Minnie stayed true to their characters even while making themselves available to a new generation. I also know that they were working with Disney to make sure there was someone ready to step into Mickey’s shoes if needed. There has even been talk of another animated feature with Mickey and the gang.

I know that many more tributes will pour in from those who knew Wayne better and I be adding them here as the days go on.

To add your tribute drop me an email with the link.

Update: Clip of Wayne on Ukelele with Russi at an NFFC convention (via LaughingPlace.com) below the cut:

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  1. I lost a longtime friend this week. Wayne Allwine was an “Arrow” in the 60’s and then in 1977, he became the 3rd official voice of “Mickey Mouse”. His marriage to Russi Taylor in 1991 gave me a fun fact to add to most of my interviews, she is the voice of “Minnie Mouse”!

    As all of you can imagine, I am devastated by this. A few weeks ago I transferred some tracks from the 60’s to be included on the new album and he is on one of those.

    A fan/friend who has a ‘zine in England asked about the tunes Wayne was on. I sent this:

    The most “famous” of the tracks on which he appeared were “Cycle-Delic” (he did the rhythm guitar, the saxaphone mouthpiece solo and the harmonica solo) and “Mind Transferral”…also on rhythm and reciting “Mary Had A Little Lamb” with my first wife (the tape was turned upside down for the recording so the nursery rhyme came out backwards). Also, he was on “Blues Trip” and “13th Harley” plus an unreleased version of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” that I had EQ’d four weeks ago to be part of the next album.

    He was not on many tracks but we did plenty of appearances including a month long tour of the U.S. in ’67.

    He was a great friend, a great talent and one of the nicest guys I ever knew. I can’t quite convey the incredible sadness I feel for the loss.
    Davie Allan http://www.davieallan.com

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