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ABC Flashes Foward With Two SciFi Series

SciFi Wire reveals some interesting details about two upcoming ABC series that have a science fiction bent. “Flash Forward” previewed recently during a LOST episode, it’s about what happens after the entire world blacks out for two minutes and is able to see a vision of their personal future. John Cho, who will play Sulu in the new Star Trek movie was interviewed by SciFi Wire and spoke about the show.

“V” is a remake of the 80s mini-series of the same name. It hasn’t officially been picked up by ABC, but I have better hopes for it now that I know that one of the main actors will be Alan Tudyk. Tudyk played Wash on Joss Whedon’s Firefly series and recently popped up as ‘Alpha’ on Whedon’s Dollhouse series.

We also found out that the same FX house that did such great work on Firefly will be doing the effects on “V”. Another good sign.

We have to wait until May 19th for official word from ABC on the fall schedule.

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