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Disney Movie News Roundup

Quite a bit of news from the world of The Walt Disney Company’s various movie studios this weekend.

  • “Hannah Montana” crushed forecasts coming in #1 in the Box Office with $34 million. Good news for the next Miley Cyrus film, “The Last Song”.
  • The non-animated Disney film I’m most looking forward to is the TRON sequel. Turns out it’s already filming in Vancouver, BC.
  • Blue Sky Disney muses about the potential for a Pirates of the Caribbean IV. It’s likely to lose its Director and writers, but it is still an active concern for the Mouse House. Let’s just hope they stay away from Somalia.
  • May 29th will bring Pixar’s next film to theaters everywhere. But some folks in the Twin Cities have already seen the finished version of “Up”. Don’t expect to see this version on BitTorrent, Security was unbelievably tight.