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Disney News Roundup: A Journey into your Imagination

  • The LA Times has a cute interview with Iake Eissenmann and Kim Richards, the original children from Disney’s Witch Mountain films. They each have cameo roles in the current relaunch.
  • Downtown Disney Orlando’s latest store, Tren-D, is set to open March 19th. It will feature boutique designer clothes with a Disney twist and some accessories and curios for the curious.
  • Rick Munarriz of the Motely Fool doesn’t share your enthusiasm for Disney’s new D23 club. I have to say I’m still debating the idea of joining myself.
  • Another Child Porn suspect found working at Walt Disney World. This time an engraver for Crystal Magic. The outside vendor who creates those laser engraved crystals with your image inside. Right now news reports claim he worked backstage and had no contact with children.
  • Disney is still looking for volunteers to join its Careerstart program, a Selma, Alabama paper reports. Recent high school seniors or graduates, this might be your chance to land your dream job. Not sure how this differs from the WDW College Program.
  • Expansion plans fails to take off at Hong Kong Disneyland, 30 are laid off. Not a good sign.
  • 2719 has a great roundup of Disneyland Aerial shots curated by Davelandweb.

2 thoughts on “Disney News Roundup: A Journey into your Imagination”

  1. The Career Start program is a little different from the College Program. The Career Start Program takes only High School Seniors or Graduates and places them into work at the parks. They do not get to take the courses offered by Disney Universty that the CP’s take advantage of and their work schedule is more strenuous.

    The program is geared towards students who are not interested in going to college or are putting off college at a later date, while the College Program are for students already in college looking for an internship.

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