Twitter Poll: Extreme Makeover Imagineering Style

So today on twitter, I thought I’d ask a poll as I do from time to time. Well this one really got people excited. So what was the question?

If you could have Disney Imagineers theme your house/apartment to one Disney attraction (ala Extreme Makeover) which would you choose?

I correctly felt that Haunted Mansion would be the most popular. But I really thought that Pirates Of the Caribbean would be second best. It wasn’t even close. Here are the full results with the number of votes listed first.

8 Haunted Mansion
5 Enchanted Tiki Room
4 Tower of Terror
3 Peter Pan
3 The Matterhorn
3 Rock’n’Rollercoaster
3 Splash Mountain
2 Carousel of Progress
2 Cinderella Castle
2 Indiana Jones
2 it’s a small world
2 Great Movie Ride
2 Mickey’s Toon Town
2 The Adventurers Club
2 Swiss Family Robinson (with plumbing)
2 Space Mountain
Alice in Wonderland
Beauty & The Beast Stage Show
Castaway Cay
Canada Pavilion (EPCOT)
Cinderella Castle Suite
Contemporary “Bay Lake Towers” Rooms
Expedition Everest
Fab 5 themed
Germany Pavilion (EPCOT)
Haunted Mansion (NBC version)
Innoventions Dream Home
Italy Pavilion (EPCOT)
Mexico Pavilion (EPCOT)
Pirates of the Caribbean
Snow White Adventures
Toy Story Midway Mania
UK Pavilion (EPCOT)
Winnie The Pooh

Thank you to everyone for participating! Let’s do it again sometime.

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