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For Sale Sign Up For SeaWorld and Related Parks

Update: It’s official now.

Although AB-InBev doesn’t come right out and say it, they’ve effectively announced that their theme parks (aka, non-core business lines) are up for sale. The folks at Busch Entertainment Center have been waiting for the other shoe to drop and now it has.

The question, of course, is in this down economy and tight credit market can they find a buyer who not only is willing to pay for the parks, but can find the cash or credit to do so. AB-InBev will likely make this easier by breaking up the Busch parks into smaller parks (either geographically, by brand, or some combination). Let’s just hope that whomever the eventual buyer(s) is maintains the crucial element of conservation and animal care, even if the free beer has been done away with.

(via Orlando Sentinel)

2 thoughts on “For Sale Sign Up For SeaWorld and Related Parks”

  1. I don’t get it. Don’t the parks make money? As long as that is the case, why can’t the corporation be happy letting the park management continue to send them checks and make the decisions, and continue to promote their beer? I know it isn’t the core business, but so what??? I don’t sell off my investments because they aren’t more core line of work.

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