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Some Sunday Disney Reading

It’s Sunday, time for the final pause before most return to the weekday 9 to 5 hustle. Here are a few tidbits from the World of Disney that might help delay reality just a bit longer.

  • While Walt Disney World may not have been able to figure out online dining reservations yet, they have finally launched the ability to check-in to your Disney hotel online.This should save some time, but no word yet if it will help you get that room assignment you wanted.
  • A few snippets from Disney’s next hand-drawn animated feature, the Princess and the Frog, were shown at WonderCon. Quint at Ain’t It Cool News and Peter from /Film were there. Interestingly Disney appears to have committed to a new hand-drawn 2D animated feature every 2 to 2.5 years.
  • Back in 1987 Disneyland celebrated all year with the State Fair promotion. “Disney On Parole” website looks back at one prominant feature of the Mickey Mouse shaped hot air balloon “Ear Force One“.
  • Richard at “Photos from the Parks” retells a much more recent experience at Disneyland, his encounter with Security after taking a few photos in a walk around the park. All ends well, don’t worry. But he does raise an interesting question. Where does Guest Experience end and Guest Security start?
  • The Pixar Blog has a wonderful post on one of Pixar’s traditions they borrowed from the Walt Disney Company. Statuette awards for each 10 years of service. So far they have Buzz Lightyear for 10 years and Woody for 20.