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Wednesday Night Lights – Disney News and Links

Apologies to NBC, but I have a ton of open tabs again and time to pass them along with all their juicy goodness. It’s Wednesday Night Lite…

  • Oops, Disney has scooped itself by sending out review DVDs of Pinocchio with proof of exactly what the mystery ‘D23’ (Are you 23?) club will be. Stitch Kingdom has the proof it’s “The Official Community for Disney Fans.”
  • There’s a great article over at the NY Times on the rivalry between Disney and Nickelodeon and the circle of talent and concepts they seem to be in. Frankly the difference for me is I can sit my kid down infront of anything that appears on The Disney Channel and not be worried, Nickelodeon, not so much.
  • Animated-News has the name of the animated short that will accompany Pixar’s Up in the theaters later this year. Partly Cloudy is the seemingly well matched title. It’s being directed by Peter Sohn who voiced Emile in Ratatouille.
  • Speaking of Pixar, congratulations to Andrew Stanton and everyone at the studio for Wall-E’s big win at the Oscars. Here’s a video Andrew filmed a few days prior to the Oscars where he talks about that environment that is so special up there in Emeryville. You may also be interested in this discussion on gender in Wall-E over on Broke Hoedown.
  • Walt Disney World has just released a bunch of options you can use to plus your celebration when you are at the resort. From custom sweetheart dining packages, special merchandise offerings, and even just reminders of some of the special experiences Disney has always offered. Lots of stuff to add to your Disney vacation wish list.

Don’t forget about ESPN The Weekend at Disney’s Hollywood Studios this weekend. See you there!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Night Lights – Disney News and Links”

  1. Odd, it still lists Goofy’s Liberty Tree Tavern character meal.

    A minor point is the picture is from a different venue, with 19thC furnishings and without 18thC costumes. Importantly, we ate there January 4th, 2009 (8:30pm ADR) and were told it was the last night for last character meals there, ever. The characters really hammed it up, pushing the handlers limits, and ended with a special photo op of all characters in the foyer at 10:30pm.

    Restaurant staff confirmed, and said they would continue the same menu. (I am guessing closing this character meal it related to adding one at AK.)

    We’ve eaten with Goofy every trip this century. Thus ends a tradition. But next trip will start a new tradition (DVC BLT).

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