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Do your travel plans include Disney this year?

You know the economy is bad when the New York Times is telling its readers how to save money. This weekend the Times ran a report on all the great discounts being offered by Disney’s theme parks and resorts to attraction guests. It’s a pretty good summary of some of the savings I’ve already covered here.

The report also quotes the founder of one of my favorite Disney travel sites, MouseSavers, “It would be crazy to spend full price to go to Disney right now.” So gentle readers I ask, what are your plans for travel this year? Do they include Disney trips? More than usual, less than usual? What are your favorite trips to save money while on vacation at the mouse?

17 thoughts on “Do your travel plans include Disney this year?”

  1. We went in January with the 4/3 deal and the $200 gift card. I have been fortunate to receive pin codes for the $500 gift card, kids stay/play/eat free, and the advance free dining yet I am unable to travel during any of those times!
    I am returning with a large group of family in July (hot – yuck). Thanks to the extension of the 4/3 deal, I was able to book four rooms (2 of which are family suites) and save over $2800!!
    I agree that deals are available as long as customers are willing and able to spend the money. It will be interesting to see what the rest of the year brings in Disney deals!

  2. I’m not sure if the economic downturn has scared us away from Disney. Matter of fact, how about this for a glass half-full response; if anything this might be a great time to go in regards to crowds and long-lines. We have used this thinking to our advantage in the past, i.e post 9-11, when we celebrated our honeymoon.

  3. Still planning on coming at the end of August with the free dining plan! Loved my first visit last year, and am looking forward to coming back.

  4. Actually the economy HELPED us this year. The 4/3 deal being extended let us book Animal Kingdom Lodge for the 1st week of June. We’d never been able to afford a Deluxe resort before.

  5. I would really like to go to Disney this year but have nothing planned as of yet. The only thing holding me back are ticket prices (it’s not really feasible for me to go for a week so the 4/3 deal doesn’t work for me). I have no other vacations planned yet either. Things are so up in the air with work that it is hard to spend a lot of money.

  6. Still planning on going this fall (kid’s October break). We’re DVC Club Members so it’s a bit of an easier decision

  7. Our family is going 12/21-12/28. Even with the economy as it is I would be quite surprised to see discounts during this time of the year. Still, I’m going to wait a bit longer before I book the rooms just to see what happens. I did buy the airlines tickets, the prices were great!

  8. I’ve already taken 1 trip this year, I have 2 others planned – 1 in August for a family vacation and 1 in November for a business convention.

    A Walt Disney World vacation continues to be a great family vacation value.

  9. We were at Disney World for New Year’s and enjoyed every minute. We did take a backpack lunches and would leave mid day, come back and stay till closing. This was the best decision made, because after about 5 o clock, people start leaving, and the lines aren’t as long. We had no more than a 5 minute wait for any park ride after 7 o clock. Most parks stay open until @ midnight, except AK.

  10. I’m planning on heading back to Disneyland Paris. It’s been too long since I’ve been to a Disney Park. As for the recession, it’s not really affected me. My job’s part time, but relatively secure and stable.

  11. I bought an AP Saturday, no help from the economy there. I also found MK to be more crowded than normal for this time of year. I don’t think Disney is hurting yet as people tend to plan their trips way in advance.

  12. We weren’t going to go this year, but if they extend the discounts into this Fall/Early Winter (which I’m assuming they will), we will more than likely go this year. I would really like to get the 40% off PIN code, but for some reason, I never get PIN’s in the mail or email :)

  13. *lol* I just got back from the mouse. Though, I have to admit, with all of the deals, I’d probably make plans for a second trip if the first one hadn’t sucked up all of my vacation days this year.

    Best money saving tip? Easy- look at everything in the shops and say “oh, I got that last year”. When you actually see something new, make sure that it’s in your size/fits in your house, and if not? Don’t buy it. :-D Would have saved a lot of money this year if they hadn’t suddenly listened to my past 6 years of complaints about a lack of women’s t-shirts in my size.

  14. Hi, we’re (wife and I, two young boys) tossing around the idea of going in November. Not sure whether to stay on prop./ or off. We have always stayed on property. If the free dining plan is back then, I would take advantage of that. But Gaylord Palms is looking interesting. We will be driving to save some money.

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