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Are You 23? My answer to the Mystery

In less than a month we will all know what the mystery is behind the Walt Disney Company’s “Are you 23?” campaign. The smart money is it is some sort of membership or club that will provide Disney fans with discounts and access to exclusive merchandise. It will also function as something of a CRM program for Disney, who has been prohibited from tracking customer relations based on their contract with Visa to create the Disney Visa card. I guess that contract is about to end or has been renegotiated.

Does this sound like something you’d be willing to join? Would it make a difference if it was free to join or if it costs money?

6 thoughts on “Are You 23? My answer to the Mystery”

  1. I find “been prohibited from tracking customer relations” to be inaccurate – Disney has a strong CRM program – they call it CMR – customer managed relationships.

  2. True. However, it is my understanding that the CMR is all done through their relationship with Disney Visa. This may have changed, if so great. And, while they may be tracking me, I’m certainly not getting any direct benefits from it right now as I might with a voluntary club program where I can get rewards based on spending (which I hope is part of the new club).

  3. Rumors also state that this Club23 (with a membership fee) will get you an invite to a “Disney conference” where they talk about all the new products, attractions, etc coming down the Disney pipe. Kind of like a trade-show for Disney nuts!

  4. I would love to join if it costs money or not, but I probably wouldn’t if it did. Disney is getting quite a bit of my money these days anyway.

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