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Lost 5.4: The Little Prince

That is the last time I read spoilers! There were several significantly omgyouhavegottoebekiddingme scenes and I knew every one of them before they happened. Hmph. That’s what I get for reading TV Guide. Not that it made last night’s episode any less amazing…just less heart palpitations for me.

So we began with another peek into the Oceanic Six’s time on Penny’s boat, The Searcher. Kate is holding a sleeping Aaron and having a conversation with Jack. She decides she wants to keep Aaron because she can’t bear to lose anyone else. (She mentions SAWYER! And Jack immediately picks up on this…) Jack tells her that tomorrow he’s going to push everyone to lie when they get back. He creepily says, “I’m going to turn to you first. Are you with me?” And Kate replies (while dashing all my Sawyer reunion hopes aside), “I’ve always been with you.”

Now for the rest of the episode we’re jumping from The Island (which to our Losites feels just days after their friends went off in the helicopter) to the “real world” which has been three years for our Oceanic Six.

On The Island…

We pick up right where we left off with a nose-bleeding, unconscious CS Lewis. As they try to revive her, Juliet (in her ever-dead-pan-bedside-manner-i-know-so-much-am-smarmy-but-still-loveable tone) asks Daniel if there is anything he needs to tell them. Sawyer is a little less nice and demands to know what Daniel knows. Juliet banishes him to Locke. (LOVE this new relationship between Sawyer and Juliet. But I don’t think I really want them to hook up…)

Locke tells Sawyer they have to go back to the Orchid so he can get off The Island and bring the others (uhm…that is, the Oceanic Six) back. And for some reason, Sawyer agrees. Once CS Lewis is resuscitated, Sawyer leads them all to the beach to get the Zodiac and head out for The Orchid.

On their way, the time-turntable of The Island starts skipping and three very interesting things happen:

  • They see the light. Yes. The big light that was our season 1 cliffhanger. The light that shone from the hatch. The light that made John Locke a believer.
  • Sawyer sees Kate helping Claire deliver her baby. He is mesmerized (partially because of Kate, partially because of…you know, walking into childbirth) and doesn’t speak to her.
  • Miles and Juliet get nosebleeds. When Miles asks why Faraday says he thinks it’s linked to time spent on The Island. The longer you’ve been there the quicker you get the nosebleed. Miles doesn’t agree because he’s just arrived at The Island. Daniel says, “Are you sure?”(OMG. SOOOO MUCH TO SAY ABOUT THIS!)

When they finally arrive at the beach, it is deserted and disheveled and the Zodiac is gone. They also discover some canoe-type-outrigger-boats. One of which has a Abija Airlines water bottle in it. (What is UP with that?!) They take the boats and head for The Orchid. But soon are attacked by another outrigger—and arrows. They escape via a time flash and get to shore, only to see the wreckage of a boat–wreckage with french writing.

In another part of town…

We see a big life boat (one of those round ones that reminds me of the Kali River Rapids at Disney World…) full of french speaking people. They are in the middle of a storm and very worked up. Suddenly they see a body floating on a piece of debris! They drag it into the boat and who do they see? JIN!

Let me say it again….JIN!

Wait! Can I shout it from the rooftops?! JIN IS ALIVE!

I knew it. (Well, and then I didn’t.) But now I do! Oh, happy day!

Apparently Jin has been knocked out from the Freighter explosion and bouncing here and there through time (unaware he is a time traveler). Finally, they get to shore and the French people (one of whom is a very pregnant dark haired girl) get Jin some water and the girl introduces herself as a DANIELLE ROUSSEAU.

You can see the shock in Jin’s eyes and then…


Oh, but we haven’t even talked about our Oceanic Six…

Kate is still with Sun. She borrows a suit from her (which she says fits perfectly. what? I know Kate is tiny but Sun is like a size 00) so she can go to the law off of Mr. Norton. She says she will give the blood sample IF he reveals his client. Mr. Norton declines.

Kate is sitting in her car staking out Mr. Norton and Jack calls. She allows him to meet her and soon they are tailing Mr. Norton. (This has only been a matter of days since the drunken-crazy-bearded conversation at the airport, right?) He leads them to a hotel where they see Claire’s mom, Carole Littleton open the door and take a file from Mr. Norton. Kate is freaked because she realizes that Claire’s mom knows they lied.

Jack decides to talk to Ms. Littleton. He realizes she has no idea what’s going on. Claire’s mom had simply sued Oceanic and was collecting her winnings. (Hmmm….)

Jack persuades Kate to go to the marina (?) to meet up with Sun and Aaron. Then they can take Aaron to a “safe place”. When they step out of the car, Ben and Sayid show up and Kate is livid. She realizes Ben is the one trying to get the blood sample. Ben concurs. That sneaky little devil was trying to get her to run straight back to The Island to keep Aaron safe. (And for once can I say, “Way to go, Ben!!”)

So, now we’ve got Jack, Kate, Sayid, Locke’s body and Ben. Let’s backtrack just a little and see how we’ve gotten to this point…

  • Sayid is being (illegally) treated by Dr. Jack at the hospital. When an orderly comes in to give Sayid some meds, Sayid uses his super-spidey senses and chokes this guy to death. But not before the orderly chokes out, “Check my wallet.” And when Ben and Jack discover Sayid and the dead orderly (how’s that for a reunion?), they check the wallet to see Kate’s address inside. (This is why Jack called Kate.)
  • During all this Hurley calls Jack and says, “Don’t worry, dude.” He’s in jail, wearing a bright orange (skin tight) jumpsuit and is happy because he assumes he’s safe from Ben. Little does he know Ben has a lawyer (Mr. Norton) on his side…making sure Hurley will be released the next day.

And that my friends, is how they all arrive at the marina (?).

But wait. What about Sun? Oh yes, sneaky little Sun. Just as Kate leaves her hotel room, someone delivers a package to Sun. A package full of papers, photos of Ben and Jack and a GUN. Oh, baby. Sun for hire.

Sun arrives at the marina (?) with a sleeping Aaron in tow. She grabs her gun and…well, we’ll find out next week, I hope.

Stuff I Want To Talk About
1. I did not remember the scene with Claire and Kate. Was that taken straight from a previous episode? It’s Kate’s words that surprised me. She is trying to encourage Claire and says something like, “This baby belongs to everyone!” Interesting foreshadowing.

2. I think Widmore hired CS Lewis, Miles and Faraday because they were born on The Island. They are all Originals. He needed to get them back on The Island…wait for it…just like JACK has to get everyone back on The Island. I think Jack=Widmore. They both left The Island at some point and are now trying to get back. This is why Widmore hates Ben. Somehow Ben ousted him as the Golden Boy of The Island. Ben got to stay and Widmore had to go. And all these years, Widmore has been desperately trying to get back. (Which kinda leads me back to my “island-ness” that Penny AND Desmond apparently have. Look at CS Lewis and Miles and Faraday…they all have an “island-ness” to them, too.)

3. Is Sun working FOR Widmore? (Check out Lostpedia for the “transcript” of the papers that were delivered to Sun!)

4. The title of this episode is “The Little Prince”. I’m assuming they are talking about Aaron. Now, I haven’t been keeping Aaron on my radar. He’s just a baby. BUT. Do you remember what Sexy Eyes told Locke about selecting a leader? He said it was very involved and they started when they were kids. Let’s think about some of the kids we’ve seen…

  • Young Ben meets Sexy Eyes in the jungle. What if the guy who invited Ben’s dad to The Island was really inviting BEN to the Island? Remember, he’s the same guy that helped Ben’s dad when Ben was born (and his mom died!).
  • Richard visits Locke on his BIRTHday. And when he’s an elementary aged kid. And as a High Schooler.
  • Rosseau has a child, Alex. Ben steals Alex for his own. He is planning on killing Widmore’s daughter, Penny because Widmore had Alex killed.
  • Charlie. Penny & Desmond’s son. Charle’s Widmore’s grandson.
  • Aaron. Claire’s son.

Out of all these kids, Aaron seems to be the LEAST spectacular. Is he “the little prince”? I don’t know. There’s something there…

See, I knew about Jin, Rousseau and Kate in the jungle. This time I REFUSE to watch or read anything with spoilers or teasers. Don’t tell me anything! I like being surprised! So, what surprised you? What dots got connected? I want to talk!!

(I’ll be hiding from any and all LOST spoilers at my daily blog,

10 thoughts on “Lost 5.4: The Little Prince”

  1. Just remembered something else! WHAT IF the others on the outrigger were actually THEMSELVES?! What if they were shooting at themselves? OR maybe even The Oceanic Six? Maybe they got back on Abija Airlines?!!! EEEK.

  2. I didn’t know they were replaying the Kate/Claire scene from season one (it was the same episode where Boone died and Locke saw the light, about 2/3 of the way through the first season.) But I did know about Jin and Rousseau. And I agree, it did spoil the ending moments of last night’s show.

    I am so wondering what is going to happen with Sun and that gun next week. And how Ben is going to get them all on the boat back to the island. Because I sure don’t see anyone but Jack ready to go back yet.

    And those nose bleeds are really grossing me out and worrying about all those characters.

    1. I agree about Jack being the only wanting to go back. (However, I think Sayid might be up for it, just to keep an eye on Ben…) BUT I am surprised at how quickly we’ve gotten to this point. Looks like everyone will be together in the next 5 minutes. I figured it would take all season to get to this point. I’m intrigued.

  3. Great recap as usual!

    That episode last night was great. Then they showed Jin and it went through the roof. I am glad I stay away from the spoiler pages because the episode just wouldn’t have had the same impact if I knew who they’d have returning.

  4. My head is spinning. I LOVED LOVED LOVED last night’s episode. I think it answered somethings, but there are clearly more things to uncover.

    I am still wondering about Sun, what is she up to?

    One thing that I thought of with the Sawyer/Kate/Claire thing is that what if he had spoken to them and told them, or Kate rather, to not leave the island or to come back to the island. Would she had “remembered” that in the future, like with Desmond and Faraday?

    I can’t wait for next week!

    1. Trina! EXACTLY what I have been wondering. Daniel can say whatever he wants but they ARE messing w/time. You know they are b/c of Desmond’s memory of Daniel AND Sexy Eyes…he knew this time travel bit was going to happen b/c he told Locke to show him the compass so he’d recognize him. WEIRD. I have a feeling LOTS of people are going to be “waking up” with “new” memories of the, the future…er…I don’t know! LOL!

  5. At first, I assumed that the episode title referred to Aaron as well. but then I remembered the children’s book titled The Little Prince. It’s about an alien who crash lands on Earth and how he gets back to his planet.

    I do think Aaron is a significant character to the plot, though.

    I’m intrigued about Sun. Who is she really working for? Or is she totally manipulating everyone else, while they think they are using her?

    Yay for the tender moments between Jack and Kate! You know I love Jack!

    I liked the character development in this episode. I needed a break or I was going to get a nosebleed myself!

  6. Great recap. Quick quibble though, the cliff hanger at the end of season 1 was when they blew the hatch open and peered down the hole. Not the light beaming from the hatch. That was from season one, but in the middle of the series in episode 19 Deus Ex Machina.

  7. Great recap! I have a list that I’ve compiled with all the ‘what ifs’ over at my blog – come have a look. I really enjoy your thoughts and insights!

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