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Sundry Disney News on a Sunday Night

A few sundry links for your surfing pleasure tonight.

  • DisUnplugged has a look at what Guest performers go through at the American Idol Experience. I spent most of Saturday afternoon watching the preview shows and will have a report tomorrow night sometime.
  • Rick Munarriz at The Motley Fool looks into his crystal ball and comes up with a few very interesting predictions for the next few years at The Walt Disney Company.
  • Fans of Bats Day in the park should take note that the event has been moved to the month of May. This year, it’s the 1, 2, and 3rd. Bats Day is an annual gathering of like-minded folks at Disneyland. Check out the site, you’ll quickly see if you fit in.
  • The Western Center for Archaeology and Paleontology in Hemet, CA will be hosting “Disney: The Music Behind the Magic” a special traveling exhibit tells about Disney’s use of music and its influence on American pop culture. A strange exhibit for a paleontology museum, but there you go. It starts February 6th.
  • Good news, bad news for Disney which is broadcasting the Oscars on ABC next month. The good news is that the MPAA has approved a limited amount of ads for movies on the telecast. So Disney will be able to showcase Pixar’s “Up” during the show. The bad news is that prices for a 30 second spot have also dropped, as not enough have been sold yet. More at AdAge (some foul language).

Finally, once again I’ve put a few items from my Disneyana collection up on eBay. I’d appreciate it if you check them out and see if anything catches your eye. Your support of The Disney Blog is greatly appreciated.

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