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Disney News and Links – Monday Night Roundup

I just realized that The Disney Blog is approaching 5 million page views since I installed sitemeter. That’s a pretty significant milestone for any website, let alone a blog that got its start in June of 2004. I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride so far. I sure have.

  • Disney’s Club Penguin is going global. While that’s good for Disney is also could mean a huge payout for the original owners. Their deal was a sliding scale based on the number of new users. The potential payment is a second $350 million dollars to the original owners. Not too shabby.
  • The trailer for ‘Earth‘ the first film from Disney’s new green film label DisneyNature is online. It looks good and hits theaters on April 22nd.
  • You may have heard that Disney and Shanghai have been in talks to open a themed amusement park there. As with all international business, nothing is what it seems in the press. Yes, there is a parkĀ  planned, but the real power lies in Beijing and what you see in the press is part of the negotiations for the best deal for both sides. My sources say September 2014 is the current target day to open the new park and that it will have a completely unique theme of its own. The first non-Magic Kingdom theme park to open without being adjacent to a Magic Kingdom.
  • WDW is installing more AED or Difibrillators in their parks. This time they’ll also be installing them near thrill rides.
  • Here’s a petition to bring back the Country Bear Christmas Special. Something I whole heartedly agree with. I’d love to have it back at Disneyland, but I’ll settle for the Magic Kingdom.
  • Speaking of bringing something back, Disneyland is attempting to revive “it’s a small world.” They’re inviting Annual Passholders in for a look at their attempt on Feb 5th. Somebody go and take pictures for me.

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