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Adventurers Club reopens?

With the grand opening of the Disney Design-a-Tee store yesterday, I was wondering about what would happen with Pleasure Island, which is where the bulk of change for Downtown Disney is expected.

I’ve heard they’re having problems getting new tenants to bite on the idea of opening a new location during the economic downturn. I know Disney is still progressing on opening the one new restaurant, but the rest of the locations just remain shuttered without even a construction wall in sight. Perhaps, I thought, Pleasure Island could still earn a few dollars for Disney if they just reopened one or two locations a night.

So, I was flabbergasted when this little bit of breaking news came across my screen. According to Jose of WDW News Today The Adventurers Club in Downtown Disney’s Pleasure Island area was open for guests last night. They even had shows in the library.

This would be great news, if true. So I called Downtown Disney Guest Relations (407-828-3150 if you want to try it yourself) and asked if The Adventurers Club was indeed open last night and if it would be open tonight. The answer was “No. All clubs closed in September.”

Now I don’t know if this was just one cast member who showed up for work today and didn’t get the memo about the return of The Adventurers Club, or if Jose was witness to a private party of some sort. But I’m putting out feelers to find out.

In the meantime, perhaps there is some hope for the return of Pleasure Island’s most cherished club after all. Kongaloosh!!!