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“Cast” of Pushing Daisies on Twitter to save show

So last night I twittered about how ABC put reruns of Scrubs on instead of a new episode of Pushing Daisies, as was originally scheduled. This morning I wake up to see the cast of characters from the show have followed me on Twitter.

Their presence on twitter appeared to start as an attempt to save the show, but has now morphed into an effort to make sure the last three shows are aired and not buried where even @nedthepiemaker can’t touch them. You can follow their efforts too. In addition to Ned there’s @emersoncod, @deadgirlchuck, @ittybittyolive, and even @deaddogdigby. I’ve put out feelers to see who is behind these twitter handles.


I can’t express how much I’m going to miss Pushing Daises, including Oh Amanda’s reviews here on the blog, but I understand that with the showrunners having already moved on to other projects, there is no way to save it. That said, it would be nice to have the final episodes broadcast and the series continued via an online comic or other method, perhaps twitter (if Doctor Who can be on Livejournal, why not Pushing Daisies on Twitter).

8 thoughts on ““Cast” of Pushing Daisies on Twitter to save show”

  1. I rt you this morning b/c I got so excited when I saw they were on twitter! *sigh* I don’t know why they won’t play the last 3 episodes–just do a marathon one Saturday night–good grief!!

  2. Thank you for the information. I came right over after I saw your Tweet. I really hope they decide to play the last three episodes. This really shows how the network botched things badly a with a great show.

  3. Was there 2 hours of Scrubs last night? Because my Tivo picked two brand new episodes of Scrubs, not reruns. I am extremely grateful that ABC picked up Scrubs.

    Of course, plenty of room for both shows on the schedule. I’ll miss Pushing Daises and hope the final episodes get aired. I’m still hoping the bring back Fullers other show Wonderfalls. If you haven’t seen it, get the DVD, same creativity that Pushing Daises has.

  4. The same thing happened with Kitchen Confidential. The DVD release luckily had all the unaired episodes. Hopefully, the same thing will happen with Pushing Daisies. I can’t believe it was cancelled so suddenly! I need some closure!

  5. Im so very glad we all lap up the re-run shows that ABC tries to placate us with in ‘exchange’ for their huge mistake of cancelling the really wonderful show, Pushing Daisies. Yes, sir. We as the viewing public lap up shows like Wife Swap, the Real Houswifes of Who Cares and the 400th season of Idol like a dog laps up his own vomit.

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