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Original Mouseketeer Cheryl Holdridge passes away

cheryl_holdridge_mmc_1957 is reporting that Walt Disney Mouseketeer Chery Holdridge has died at the age of 64. Cheryl joined the Mickey Mouse Club in 1956,  its second year. There’s a very nice article on Cheryl over at Wikipedia and Chery’s page on the Unofficial Mickey Mouse Club fan page has been updated as well..

4 thoughts on “Original Mouseketeer Cheryl Holdridge passes away”

  1. I had an incredible crush on Cheryl when I was 10 and she was 12. Part of my childhood died when I heard of her passing. RIP Cheryl.

  2. I knew Cheryl as a teenager. She gave me her phone at some mouseketeer event, and we talked for hours on the phone for a couple of years. Then when I was 16 and finally had a car, I went to visit her at her Sherman Oaks home. She once told me that she just missed getting the role of Gidget, that Sandra Dee eventually got. I was crushed when she married, but several years later, my mom, who was a nurse, met Cheryl in the hospital, when her husband was there, after some race car accident.
    I am once again crushed, and part of my childhood has died too.
    RIP Cheryl Loved you heaps

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