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Bob Iger remakes Disney’s Business Model

It’s not that synergy was no longer working for the Walt Disney Company, but something was wrong with the model that had developed. It didn’t make sense to try and tie every division of the Mouse House together with every major vehicle. Consumers were wising up and tuning out.

Today’s article on CNN’s Fortune takes a look at how Bog Iger, TWDC CEO, has reworked that model and is making big bucks for Disney through the latest buzz word “Cross Channel Promotion” (aka, Synergy-lite) and through focusing on “Franchise” level vehicles.

The article also includes a nice little “where is he now” update on Iger’s life. Good reading.

1 thought on “Bob Iger remakes Disney’s Business Model”

  1. There’s nothing wrong with good synergy. Forced synergy can be bad. But if something can be effectively used in various branches of the company, that is good.

    Not all theme park elements need to have a tie-in to something else in the company.

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