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Disney News and Links – Lazy Sunday Morning Edition

A few links for the first Sunday of the new year.

  • Trey Ratcliff takes amazing pictures. He loves the subject of Disney, and we’re all a little richer for it.
  • Everyone else is linking to these iPhone Sketches by Disney artist Stef Kardos, so I will too. Amazing what a real artist can do with a pretty blunt tool.
  • Do you live near Thousand Oaks, CA? You can save a bundle at the new temporary Disney Warehouse closeout sale via the coupons at this site. Location only open for about 1 month, so hurry.
  • The Star Trek Experience is rumored to be moving downtown after the Hilton kicked them out of their space at the casino. Good news for the attraction that Tony Baxter was quoted as saying “best thing outside of Disneyland.”
  • The Other Orlando blog reports Universal Studios Orlando now charges for parking after 6pm. Previously this was free to encourage visitors to the Citywalk location, but with Downtown Disney’s entertainment complex undergoing some changes, perhaps Universal feels it has license to stiff its patrons.
  • Don’t miss ZapperZ’s look at Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle Suite. A couple of his friends got in and they captured more details than any other look I’ve seen. Apparently, it’s still open to be won randomly in the park on days it’s not being used by other promotions.

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