SeaWorld Sale Unlikely Soon

There’s at least one nice thing to say about the bad economy, it makes getting credit difficult. For fans of the SeaWorld/Busch Parks (recently rebranded “Worlds of Discovery”) that’s good news as it means AB-InBev will have a hard time finding a buyer should they wish to get out of the theme park business. For now the Busch Entertainment Corporation, recently relocated to Orlando, is running the parks fine and profitable. There’s not really any reason for InBev to rush out and find a suitor. That said, maybe Sam Adams Brewery is in the market, they’re the only remaining US based brewery.

I think SeaWorld Orlando remains well positioned to ride out this storm, provided customers continue to visit Orlando. Should that well dry up, Orlando might experience some shrinkage in the number of theme parks and attractions. But let’s not go there. For now things seem very likely to get back on track in late 2009.

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