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An EPCOT Holiday America’s Funniest Videos Moment

One of the holiday celebrations Walt Disney World does best is the Christmas Around the World storytelling at EPCOT’s World Showcase. Germany’s story involves cookies, toys, and life-sized Nutcrackers. The Disney Blog reader AmyLovesBooks sent in this short home video of her twelve year old son getting the you-know-what scared out of him by the giant Nutcraker in Germany.

Here’s Amy’s intro:

We were at EPCOT and our son was acting like a big goofball during the “close your eyes and imagine the land of the sweets” portion of the Germany storytelling. He clearly felt way too big and cool to participate but was humoring his parents. Little did he know that while his eyes were closed, a giant nutcracker had walked in and was standing right behind him.

If this American Idol Experience thing doesn’t work out, Disney could always change it to an America’s Funniest Disney Home Videos show. This would be a great candidate.

Thanks to Amy for sending in this video. I’m sure her son will thank her too someday.

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