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Pluto’s Christmas Tree (1952)


I hope everyone is having a great weekend leading up to the holiday week. For some the holidays start tonight, for others family will shortly be arriving. Or maybe both. We’ve been frantically getting ready around here, and I’ve been working on a small side-project that I think you’ll enjoy.

I hope you’ll enjoy “Pluto’s Christmas Tree (1952)” a classic animated short from Walt Disney. Character animation features the work of Bill Justice, Fred Moore, George Kriesel, and Volus Jones. It features Pluto and Chip and Dale in a classic holiday battle in what would become one of the last Mickey Mouse Cartoons created while Walt Disney was alive.

3 thoughts on “Pluto’s Christmas Tree (1952)”

  1. Thank you for ‘Pluto’. Brought a smile to my face this snowy morning. My husband and I love the old Disney cartoon’s, especially the Christmas ones during the season. Happiest of holidays to you and your family.

  2. Thanks for the classic! The old shorts are really nice. I couldn’t help but notice that when Dale started tossing the balls to Pluto, the second ball was green. When Pluto caught that ball is was red, followed immediately by the a another green.

    Fun to catch editing errors.

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