Disney News Links – Monday the 15th

A few quick links I want to get out there that I just haven’t had time to write a full post on.

  • PJ O’Rouke takes on the House of the Future at Disneyland and finds it lacking. What has happened to Disney’s vision for the future?
  • Anna S. is one of the recently empaneled members of the Disney Mom’s Panel. She has been blogging about the experience. I’m not sure if I should be offended by her comment about Disney Fans.
  • io9, the best sci-fi blog going right now, updates us on “Fast Forward” a new sci-fi television show coming to ABC. Is Disney grooming it to replace LOST?
  • Scott Powers at the Orlando Sentinel enjoyed the recent Viral Video effort by Disney Parks to promote the theme of Celebration for next year.
  • Disney Theatrical finds a challenger on Broadway in the form of Dreamwork’s “Shrek” musical. It’s Ogre vs Mermaid in a Times Square Thriller.

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