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The Simpsons spoofs Wall-E

The Simpsons is no stranger to spoofing pop culture. Sunday night WALL-E, the cute trash compactor robot from the Disney*Pixar movie of the same name, was honored with his own 15 seconds of fame.

Do you have a favorite Disney spoof from The Simpsons? Mine is a toss up between the Itchy & Scratchy parking lots and when they fly over EPCOT and Homer says, “It’s just as boring from above.”

5 thoughts on “The Simpsons spoofs Wall-E”

  1. The WALL-E spoof felt forced & didn’t really add anything to the joke of “Homer panicked over something severe because he will be deprived of something trivial.” It didn’t even “spoof” WALL-E. It was more of a cameo appearance.

    Really, I don’t appreciate “The Simpsons” because it’s just not funny anymore. It was different for it’s time when it first premiered but, like Mel Brooks, time has passed it by.

  2. My favorite is when Lisa drinks the canal water in It’s a Small World (or whatever they called the parody of it) and stars to hallucinate. Sounds more like the fetid Jungle Cruise water, lol.

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