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Bolt Previews have begun

A couple early reviews of Disney’s upcoming animated feature BOLT! have begun to leak out. Obviously you’ll want to avoid them to remain spoiler free. But here are some summary thoughts.

Jerry at CartoonBrew recommends you see it:

I really enjoyed the film – especially its digs at the behind the scenes world of network television production. Bolt is a lot of fun, and a good step in the right direction as Disney continues to rebuild its brand in Feature Animation. I’m rooting for Bolt, and the studio, to succeed.

Honor Hunter at Blue Sky Disney was also lucky enough to see the film:

It’s as good as I had hoped. Possibly a bit better. It’s got that unmistakable Lasseter fingerprint. There’s more heart in this film than the entire last decade of Disney animation.

Both are fairly strong endorsements. So keep your fingers crossed that BOLT! makes a real charge at the box office. The race begins November 21st.