NASCAR not happy with ABC either

The snafu that caused much of America to miss the last 34 laps of last weekend’s NASCAR race has raised the ire of NASCAR President Brian France.

“We didn’t like it, that was not what we had anticipated but we have talked to them repeatedly in the last couple days,” France said. “There were lots of circumstances that we have to consider. They have their own issues they had to manage around. Unfortunately we got the short end of that.”

My question is why this time when every other time they only cut away during long rain delays and never while the race is running. If you want to show the race, show the race. All the major networks have websites or cable channels where they can show repeats of dramas the next day or night if they’re delayed or cut. But you just can’t do that with a live event and not avoid spoilers.

(More on Nascar’s future….)