Cypress Gardens to divest itself of Animals, Attractions

Sadly the rumor I posted last week has come true. Cypress Gardens will close for four months to retool into two separate gates. The water park will grow larger while the attractions and animal exhibits will be removed and sold to other amusement parks. The ‘Gardens’ will continue to exist with plans to host concerts and private events as often as possible.

So far there is no word on what will happen to the water skiing shows for which the original Cypress Gardens was most famous for. This could be the death knell for a very long and proud tradition.

To work as an amusement park Cypress Gardens needed the fates to be kind, but they were most unkind. The 2004 Hurricane season dealt a devestating blow and this latest economic downturn was the final straw. I hope the park’s new owners are able to make this new configuration work.