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Changes Afoot at Hall of Presidents

With the Presidential election just days away, one fact not often overlooked by the Disney fan, is that this choice will make a difference as to who will be up on stage next year in Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom. Whomever the 44th President is, one thing is now known, the show will be different when it comes up from its latest rehab.

Not only will the attraction receive a technical upgrade, but General George Washington will be added to the list of animatronics who give a speech during the course of the show.There had been some rumors that the next elected President would not be asked to record a speech. But it appears that Disney will do their best to get a recording this year as well.

Another important tidbit, this will be the first President not to be sculpted by retired Disney artist Blaine Gibson. He’s 90 years old now and passing his legacy onto Imagineer Valerie Edwards.

(via the Orlando Sentinel)