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Disney Rolls Out Wall-E for Oscar Best Picture Consideration

After the amazing reviews and copious amounts of praise it received, this should come as a surprise to no one; but Disney has reportedly decided to push for an Oscar Nomination for Pixar’s WALL-E in both the Best Picture and Best Animated Film categories. Back in 1991 Beauty & The Beast was nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award and was the main impetus behind the creation of the Best Animated Film category in the following season.

“Wall-E,” from Disney’s Pixar unit, emerged as a darling of the critics for its adult sensibility, in addition to its heavily detailed computer animation. The film, the story of a lovesick robot, tackles a serious topic (environmentalism) while taking huge risks (for instance, a 45-minute stretch with nearly no dialogue).

“If we didn’t do it, I don’t think we’d be giving the movie its due,” Richard Cook, chairman of Walt Disney Studios, said of the decision to promote “Wall-E” for the top prize, even if that complicates the movie’s simultaneous bid for the more easily won award as best animated feature. One problem is a presumed tendency to split votes. Academy members can vote for a film in both the best picture and best animated feature categories. But they may not be inclined to do that or even know that the rules permit it.

That last bit scares me. But I trust Disney has the time to educate voters. What do you think? Does WALL-E stand a chance to win both? Or will this hurt its chances this year?

(Via the NY Times)