Video of Big Bird Singing at Jim Henson’s Funeral

I forget what I was doing in May of 1990. I know I was in college and probably pretty self-absorbed. But whatever it was, the death of Jim Henson didn’t make it on my radar until many months later. It still hit me just as hard since I was a huge fan of the Muppets. They practically raised me, after all.

I never got to see the televised special of Jim Henson’s funeral. But finally parts of it are leaking out on line. Take for instance this video of Big Bird signing Kermit’s signature song “it ain’t easy being green.” If you don’t get chills at the end of it, you need to check your pulse.

Many people believe that Jim Henson had it in him to bring the sort of creative revolution to the world that Walt Disney did in his time. Sadly that was path was never walked.

And yet today, there is no doubt someone out there walking a very similar path. Someone who will do for modern entertainment what Walt Disney did for film, and then television, and then amusement parks, and finally futurism. Who is this person? If you know the name please share it in the comments.