Disney World Restaurants No Longer Serve Fois Gras

Although it was only served in four fine dining restaurants (Victoria & Albert’s, California Grill, Citricos and Les Chefs de France) in the Walt Disney World Resort, Foie Gras has been quietly removed from the menus. This has generated glee in activists who believe the treatment of ducks used in production of the delicacy is unhumane, but sadness in food fans who enjoyed the dishes served with the fattened liver.

In this Orlando Sentinel article Disney claims that the switch was not related to politics but rather just a shift in menu options. I tend to agree with Kevin Yee, author of the unofficial guide The Walt Disney World Menu Book, that the move was certainly in line with Disney’s recent strategy to introduce healthier foods and less controversial menus.

I have never been a fan of Duck Foie Gras myself. But I never had it prepared by a master chef either. There are plenty of other delicacies that don’t impact the environment or hurt the animal used in its production that Disney Restaurants can serve. I’m sure they’ll find a few.