Salute to the Adventurers Club

You may not have noticed, but last night was the final call for the Adventurers Club, not to mention all the remaining clubs of Pleasure Island. I don’t have much to say on the matter other than I understand Disney’s motivation here, but still regret the loss of the Adventurers Club.

If you don’t read anything else read this tribute by one of the opening year cast members, who then worked the show for another 17 years, Kris Truelsen.

Tonight marks the end of Pleasure Island. The night club complex that opened in 1989 at Walt Disney World was why I moved from California to Florida, having been offered a one-year contract to perform at the Adventurers Club. I stayed seventeen years. I could write a book about the place, my time there, my dear friends, my thoughts and feelings, and my warm memories and bitter resentments. It would all spill over from the Adventurers Club to the other night clubs (especially the Comedy Warehouse) to Pleasure Island to Downtown Disney to Walt Disney World to Orlando to Florida to The Disney Company and to the United States of America.

A big thank you to Kris and all the other cast members who helped make Pleasure Island so magical.