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Firefighters at Walt Disney World burning up over contract talks

The Orlando Sentinel reports that the Reedy Creek Water District Firefighters have been without a contract since 2006 and are getting nowhere in negotiations for a new one. Reedy Creek Water District is the goverment body set up by the Florida Legistlature that allows Disney to operate their WDW Resort pretty much how they want to. Disney pays over 85% of the districts taxes and essentially runs the district, but doesn’t ‘own’ it.

This is the eternal labor struggle of the employer saying they don’t have any money and that earnings are flat, and the employees pointing at figures that say just the opposite and wondering where their cut is.

I hope Disney, Reedy Creek, and the firefighters are able to come to an agreement soon. It would be bad if guest safety was put in jeapordy because of what is really an insignificant sum when it comes to Disney World’s bottom line.