Tuesday Twostep – Disney News Roundup

  • Matt Palm from the Orlando Sentinel relives some of his favorite memories at Pleasure Island. This Friday and Saturday is the final weekend for the Downtown Disney club and entertainment zone.
  • Heard some good news about DisFriends.com, it’s not closing. Yep. Even though the owner went as far as putting it up for auciton on eBay, he’s had second thoughts and instead will relaunch with new software and moderators that should make his work load a bit lighter. Good news indeed.
  • There’s one more place you can download Disney Channel’s television shows, Netflix has added day after streaming to their online video service.
  • WatchingLost compiles some of the best scoops from LOST’s stars as they walked the Red Carpet at the Emmy’s. Also, it sounds like Jin may not have been blown to smithereens as was depicted in last season’s Finale… or was he?
  • I tried to watch ABC’s new game show Opportunity Knocks tonight, I really did. But there was just too little going on to hold my interest. Remind me why I should be interested in the personal details of this family again? If you found yourself more interested than I, check out this post on TV Squad with some behind the scenes secrets from the show.

For some reason, I really like this TV Guide cover featuring the six housewives of Wisteria lane. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen all six Desperate Housewives on a cover together like this.

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  1. You missed the story in the Orlando Sentinel toady about the Reedy Creek Improvement District’s labor battle. They said that things are so bad, the value of the taxpayer’s land (Disney) is going down as is their income! At the same time they are raising taxes for the landowners with no objections.

    Don’t you wonder how stock holder feel about that?

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