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Disney Magic receiving upgrades during three-week makeover

Disney Cruise Lines isn’t just waiting for their order for two new ships to arrive, they’re continually working on improving their existing product. The Disney Magic is beginning a three-week period of repairs and upgrades to make future cruises that much more fun.

The list of upgrades includes:

waterfalls from the hot tubs in the pool at the “Quiet Cove”; plush new chairs at the nearby “Cove Cafe”; and new registration areas to allow “radio frequency identification” at the kid-focused “Oceaneer Club” and “Oceaneer Lab” that will ultimately allow children to check in and out by tapping a sensor with with tag-embedded wristbands.

Disney also plans to apply a new hull coating during the dry dock in Norfolk, Va., that is designed to reduce surface resistance in the water and improve fuel efficiency.

The biggest upgrades including “Sorcerer Mickey themed splash pool from the movie “Fantasia,” and new 22-inch, LCD televisions in the cabins. One of these days I’ll be able to afford a cruise.