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Don’t Be Alarmed – Two Hurricanes With Potential to Hit Walt Disney World

Meet Tropical Storm Hanna. Judging by the 5-day forcast above, she’s got her eye set on Florida. If she follows the straight ahead, she’ll be paying central Florida’s attractions a visit in about 7 days. If that’s when you’re planning on visiting Orlando, don’t get worried yet. Some computer models put Hanna on a much more northerly course and back out in the Atlantic. But she deserves watching.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Gustav is still dancing around in the Caribbean. Like Fay before him, Gustav is proving to be unpredictable as a major storm. Between now and when he enters the Gulf of Mexico his potential targets include anywhere in Mexico from the Yucatan north, Texas, Louisiana, the Florida Panhandle, and even the rest of the Florida west coast.

We should know more about both storms in the next few days. Meanwhile keep an eye on the National Hurricane Center ( and this blog. If you have a trip booked to Walt Disney World between now and November, you might want to familiarize yourself with the Walt Disney World Tropical Weather Policy.