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Pixar’s Collective (and Creative) Genius

Readers of the September 2008 issue of the influential business management journal the Harvard Business Review will find plenty to absorb in the cover story written by Pixar co-founder and current president Ed Catmull. Catmull details how Pixar’s legendary creativity is an integral part of its unmatached corporate culture and success rate.

There is also an editor’s blog with an audio-podcast with additional gems from Catmull. There’s actually a lot you can learn about living your own personal life more creatively in there too.

(via The Pixar Blog)

1 thought on “Pixar’s Collective (and Creative) Genius”

  1. More and more it seems like Pixar is the new Disney. I was looking at how long it’s been since Disney had an “irreproachable” film like the Lion King or Little Mermaid. You compare the number of “flawed” releases since then and the number of imminently watchable moves Pixar has released in the same timespan. I think Disney could definitely take some creativity lessons from Pixar.

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