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A Microsoftians view of the Innoventions Dream Home

So what does the typical Microsoft super-user think of The Innoventions Dream Home in Tomorrowland at Disneyland. Brandon, who blogs at The Windows Experience, was invited to tour the Innovention Dream Home and files this report:

When I arrived to the Innoventions Dream Home, I discovered that the building was actually rotating. Yes – rotating. Ok so not the entire building. The building actually has an outer “ring” that rotates while the inner area of the building remains stationary – like a carousel. The walkway near the entrance is actually called “360 Tomorrowland Way” referencing the building’s unique feature. I thought it was a very interesting “introduction” to the Innoventions Dream Home in preparation for what’s inside…

Once inside the Innoventions Dream Home, I discovered that the Innoventions Dream Home consisted of different rooms of a “fictional family” (called “The Elias Family”) such as the living room, kitchen, a brother’s room, a sister’s room, and a home office (or den). Disney has “fictional” family members wearing yellow soccer jerseys in which visitors can follow through the Innoventions Dream Home and will remain in character as a specific member of the family talking about their home.  The idea here is that visitors are exposed to how families can use this technology within their homes to improve their lives – or become more efficient with specific tasks.