Walt Disney World redefines Bring-A-Gun to work exclusion.

The Walt Disney World Resort worked behind the scenes to carve itself an exemption to the recently passed Florida law that allows employees to bring a concealed weapon to work with them as long as it remains in the car. That exception was for employers who have explosive permits, which Disney does since they deal with fireworks nightly.

Not everyone was happy with Disney building in a loophole, not former cast member Edwin Sotomayor who is challenging the case in court, not the legislators who passed it, and not even the Attorney General who was taking his time deciding if Disney overstepped its bounds. Well, now you can count the Attorney General in the Disney column.

Disney just changed their internal policy so that the no-guns rule only applies to the Walt Disney World parks and resort property. Other Disney properties in the state, such as at Celebration, don’t regularly deal with fireworks and Disney will no longer prevent employees from bringing a gun to work as long as it remains locked away and out of site unless used in a lawful manner (which in Florida is a pretty liberal meaning).

Scott Powers at the Orlando Sentinel has more. But I will say that with the Attorney General taking Disney’s side, things aren’t looking good for former Animal Kingdom security guard Edwin Sotomayor. I hope he’s found a new job somewhere.

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