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Jay Leno to ABC?

The Los Angeles Times looked into a situation where speculation has been percolating here and there in the media lately: What will Jay Leno do after he is replaced by NBC on The Tonight Show next year and he later becomes free to work for another network? And will he be able to generate a worthwhile audience again after being off the air for months?

One possibility is that the notorious workaholic could end up staying in Burbank – with Disney’s ABC Network. Such a scenario would likely involve changes for the ABC News program Nightline and for Jimmy Kimmel. If that were to happen, perhaps they could get Leno to do something at the Disneyland Resort, too, or something near El Capitan.

5 thoughts on “Jay Leno to ABC?”

  1. Very possible. WDW is sponsored (in part) by GM, and Leno is a huge car buff. He even worked on a concept car directly with GM, so he’s already got ties to the Disney Parks in a roundabout way.

    I like Jeff’s idea. :)

  2. While I love that idea, Jay is tied to the Burbank area (his home, his cars, etc) so I’m sure he’d want to stay up there. Also it would be more difficult to get guests into the Anaheim area in time for the early afternoon taping.

    I think it would be great if a place for a live studio audience be added to the Walt Disney Studios. (Some place with a great facade facing Olive or Riverside) Failing that, I believe there are a couple old movie palaces on Lankersheim in North Hollywood that could use some revitalization. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in downtown Burbank, but I know there was at least one space there in the lat 90s that would be perfect to be converted into a film studio.

  3. Getting Leno would be a huge coup for ABC – and remember they’ve been scrambling to hire a second funny man for years. In fact, it was ABC who were sniffing at Conan the Comedian’s door prompting NBC to broker the deal where he replaces Leno.

  4. No question Jay gets a huge audience the minute his show airs.How the details work out are in consequential to his and ABC’s success. Leno beats Letterman on his entertainment every night though Letterman does manage to snare a bit more high profile Celebes. I can’t stand looking at Conan much less listenung to him

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