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Wednesday Kickoff – Disney News Roundup

You just have to decide if you’re a Tigger or an Eeyore.

  • Marty Sklar has released a moving tribute to Harriet Burns the first non-clerical woman to work at Walt Disney Imagineering. Till we all greet our queens and kings!
  • That Disneyland Shanghai rumor just won’t go away. Now the pot has been sweetened with the addition of unprecedented access to cable television for Disney in china. That’s a good move. Educate about the brand before investing a billion or more in theme parks.
  • Turmoil continues at The Children’s Place even though its numbers have picked up since handing The Disney Stores back to The Walt Disney Company. Now the CFO is leaving.
  • It looks like Disney Theatrical is possibly work-shopping a stage production of Newsies. Both fans of that movie slap their heads and say “duh” while the rest of the world goes, “Newsies?”… Batman fans should know Christain Bale was in the film and High School Musical director Kenny Ortega was the film’s director and choreographer.
  • Some great reports on ABC shows have come out of the San Diego Comic-Con: Pushing Daisies, a new show called “Legend Of the Seeker“, LOST, LOST, and The Lost Blog gives the details on the new LOST ARG launched at SDCC. Plus some cool toys coming from Hasbro.
  • This makes me sad, one of the families helped by ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, has been forced into foreclosure after using their remodeled home as collateral on a loan.

1 thought on “Wednesday Kickoff – Disney News Roundup”

  1. Kenny Ortega is and always will be “the choreographer of Dirty Dancing” to me. I’m confident that this cheese-tastic b-picture that could will outlast any of this High School Musical malarkey.

    It’d be interesting to see Newsies adapted. Great movie, great musical, but it was somewhat of a flop at the box office, what makes Disney think things will be different on broadway?

    Also, I’ve always found it funny that one of preeminent symbols of capitalism produced and heavily promoted a movie in line with “hard left” ideology. Big business and law enforcement are shown as corrupt and the heroes are semi-homeless labor organizers encouraging a riotous youth rebellion against their corrupt capitalist overlords. While the movie is never too heavy handed in this, the subtext is clear. Certainly not the type of message you expect to come from the Mouse.

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