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Disney Fan Podcast Review – This week on the Big 3

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This week, Paul brings us Christmas in July on Window to the Magic, Ricky goes live to a fatal bug spraying on Inside the Magic and Lou has his own Magic love fest on WDWRadio. All this and more

This Week On The Big 3!

Well, folks first a quick apology. I’ve been working like a dog on training for a new job. This past weekend was quite literally spent in front of the computer. So, that means I’m a little late getting this out. Wait a minute, is that Captain Obvious knocking on my door? Enough of this, let’s get on with the show.

This week on A Window to the Magic (itunes), Paul announces the winners of his big giveaways. If you entered and want to know if you were one of them tune in. It’s apparent my extra special baked goods bribe did not make it as I was not one of the winners. We get a small treat in the way of the celebration of Disneyland’s anniversary then it’s off to the WTTM time machine. We join Paul and his fellow travelers in World Showcase on his Mousefest ’07 trip. Paul meets a devoted listener and we enjoy the show Impressions de France. It’s all well and good, a fine production as only Paul knows how to do. But, the best is yet to come. I’m a sucker for the holidays and Paul brings out the big guns with a beautiful recording of the Voices of Liberty. If you ask the princesses they’ll tell that I have a strict no Christmas carols before Thanksgiving policy. You won’t find a whiff of Christmas anywhere in our castle before the last weekend of November. Well, I’m glad they weren’t in the Royal carriage with me when I listened to this week’s WTTM. I couldn’t have kept from singing if Santa himself was threatening me with coal and a stick. Even if you’re not a WTTM fan I encourage you to download this one. The Voices of Liberty are amazing.

Now, we turn the iPod dial to Inside the Magic (iTunes). There’s a new web-based player on the ITM site for those of you who don’t have any other way to enjoy the show. “Around the World” brings us some sad losses in the Disney community, a Comic con recap (Tron 2 sneak peek anyone?) and a hint at who may be starring in Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland.” We find out that Pope Benedict XVI now has his own set of Mouse ears complete with name. I would like to see that one. The highlight of this week’s show is a hilarious “Backstage Pass.” This time Mark and Jay focus on landscaping and bug control. Hilarious? Oh yes. You’ve got to hear it to believe it. Skipper Ben, as we all know, is expecting a little First Mate and this week’s “Cruisin’ the World” is all about taking your kids to the park. We round out the show with some in-park audio of Conservation Station and Rafiki’s Planet Watch at Animal Kingdom. I’ve never been out there. I think we’re going to have to pencil that one into the Master Planning Notebook for our trip in August.

Finally, on WDWRadio (iTunes), Lou recaps the MagicMeets event two weekends ago in Harrisburg, Pa. He’s joined by Fred Block, event chairman, Pat Whitson, Dream Team Auction coordinator, Jamie Curci, videographer, and Dave Recchione, an event attendee and big raffle winner. The princesses and I had the pleasure of attending this event. I won’t go into my own recap. You can find that on my blog. It was an amazing event and even more amazing was the amount of money raised for the Make a Wish foundation. Pat provides a final breakdown of all the money raised for the event. The numbers are even higher than were originally announced. We hear a bit about the work involved in recording everything for the DVD that’s being produced. Dave Recchione recounts his wife’s big raffle win and the aftermath (I was sitting close by when it happened.) At the end we get a very emotional audio clip from the day. I heard it live and it still brought tears to my eyes. Download this week’s episode to hear it all for yourself.

That’s all this week. In the words of another favorite show of mine; Catch Ya on the Flip side! Woo Hoo!!